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With the cancelling of your “sitebuilder” you destroyed my business. I am with you since the Beginning over 10 Years. I recommended your “sitebuilder” to at least 30 Customers and transferred and created their own account. I am getting calls from them and complains they cannot do anything anymore with their “sitebuilder”.

What did you do? There was no warning of those changes. Over the last 10 Month I stayed in contact with you to please change my new created domain sites back to site builder and explained that  am not working with “sitebuilderplus” , “sitebuilder” I think was the best off line site builder in the world) Now it went to s..t.  

I am 72 years old and was your loyal customer for over 10 years. All my sites were built without using a template.  Look at my sites they cannot be built with your “sitebuilderplus” For Example , and many may more. I am now being forced to transfer all my domains to Network solutions which is quite expensive. I must recreate all sites new. I have given this issue to my lawyer. If you show me how to build with your very complicated templates those samples I gave you then I would happy. With the “sitebuilder”  I was able to insert sound movies picture galleries and much much more. I could import and upload 100 pictures with in a second’.

 I truly have lost all my business. You promised me on every call or online chat I made that “sitebuilder” will still continue now I have created 2 and need 5 more new domains ""; was automatically pointed to your new site builder without my knowledge.  Tried it I can’t change the templates and much more. The next site. showed up on my site builder as .com But I was unable to upload suddenly it shows a real estate Company. This new Corporation is a multilevel digital marketing firm they were furious that I was unable to do what I promised Please explain. By the way all the new medium sites have the same sitebuilderplus you use

All offline builder not even nearly can do what your “sitebuilder” could do Please responde I will get all thru my CC statements and give all the handles I had I started with

Copy goes to my Lawyer Thanks

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HI  tgwesty..I have also been building websites with Homestead since 1999 and, being only a few years behind you, I do understand where your coming from, Life seems to change at an alarming rate, technology even more so that sometimes I find it hard to keep up. I refuse to update my mobile phone as I can barely understand my old one.. but we both know nothing is as constant as change. SO lets have a look at your problems see what we can work out

Offline Sitebuilder version. I have built several website with this builder over the past 10 years and they are still up and running as are all of yours and as far as I understand Sitebuilder is still being supported by Homestead and you should be able to edit all your website built with this version and your customers should still be able to edit their websites. ( please understand I am not an employee of Homestead so this is my understanding)

Now, sadly you cannot build new websites with sitebuilder. A few years back Homestead upgraded this builder to Sitebuilder plus. This was in keeping with the need to create websites on line as a faster, more efficient medium and they could then offer a higher level of elements that personal computers ( apart for the most expensive) could not handle. I personally resisted the change, preferring to stay with my desktop version but it soon became apparent that, to build websites for the 21st Century( that the search engines rated higher), I would need to move to the upgraded version SItebuilder Plus. It was an upgrade so most of what I already knew worked the same.

Two years into learning SItebuilder plus we now face another change. With technology ( and potential customers) demanding access to websites on mobile phones, tablets as well as computers, a new "responsive" website was required. Sitebuilder and Sitebuilder plus will not be compatible with this new generation of potential customers.

Websitebuilder is not an upgrade to older versions but a completely new architecture of web site building.. One, I and every other website builder here has to relearn from scratch.

So, what are we left with.. Again, as I understand it, Sitebuilder has not been cancelled and you should still be able to edit sites built with sitebuilder.  Your websites

are all live and accessible on the world wide web....  However  is no longer registered with ICANN the official ( website registrar) and it is currently back on the market. it would appear. So I can only assume the domain name has lapsed, you will need to look into that.

You could start with a blank webpage in all builders and do not have to use templates if you do not wish to, I always build from scratch. As a very experienced user of sitebuilder for 14 years I loved it BUT it was not as versatile as Sitebuilder plus... and now websitebuilder is another generation that is a steep learning curve and almost all of my experience in previous builders does not avail me at all with this new technology. But if I want to build websites that Google and the other search engines want,.... then I must persevere and learn the new programme.

I do sincerely wish you the very best with your websites, customers and whatever you decide to do in the future.. If its to try the new websitebuilder, you will have a queue of builders in here willing to support you. Oh one PS with a wry smile... I could import and upload 100 pictures with in a second?  Not unless you were working on NASA.mainframe.. Good luck buddy
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I used the offline desktop site builder from 1998 onwards and loved it - really loved it. It did everything I needed it to do, it was user friendly, it was usable.
Then in 2012 I upgraded from Microsoft Windows computer to Apple Mac and sadly discovered that the desktop sitebuilder was not remotely compatible to Mac's.
So I begrudgingly had to start using the web based builder and it is WOEFUL. Cannot have multiple pages open at one to cut and past text between them during major edits or rebuilds. It crashes CONSTANTLY and when its not crashing it is simply logging me out every 5 minutes in the middle of my work and I lose a heap of stuff.

Today I have been building new pages for a site and every single solitary time I click on "insert image" it freezes up for 10 minutes then crashes out. All flipping day. I have achieved utterly nothing.

After 18 years of handing money to Homestead annually I am fast reaching to point of seeking out another sitebuilding company and having to start all over again - even tho I have many websites and nearly 800 individual pages and it will be a solid years work to copy it all over because Homestead holds us hostage and makes our data non transferrable.

Still - given that Homestead could go bust anytime - its probably better to have a "spare site" set up with all your data anyway.

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