Can I get feedback on my Sitebuilder site please?

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If you would like to have your website reviewed use theReply to post your domain name.  Weencourage everyone to post comments to help improve your sites. 

To keep the topic easy to follow, please post your domainusing the Reply.  To comment on awebsite, use the comment link attached to that domain name. 

We strongly recommend that you review these two topics whichhave some great information on building your site.  They will also give you some key points tolook at when reviewing a site for someone else.

Building a site

Building a search engine friendly site The key things to look for are simplicity, ease of use, andenough relevant content that visitors understand your business and are able tolearn enough to want to contact you.

Please make honest and professional comments(both positiveand negative), but remember to be respectful of everyone’s feelings.  The goal is to help each other be successful.

note: This topic is for Sitebuilder sites only. If you built a site in Websitebuilder, then please use this topic.
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Posted 6 years ago

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I would love some feedback on our new site. Please let me know. ... also any help to increase SEO would be very helpful. Thank you.

Katie of Automated Weapon Security
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Well its a very nice site, I like dark pages but I know I am in a minority. Everything is slick and smooth which is what websites need to be to keep the visitors attention. However may I highlight a few points I found. Much as I like dark pages the text needs to be readable, IN my mind the red on black makes it difficult to read. I have a reflective screen and with the reflection I had to keep moving my head to negage the reflections so I could read the text. The nav bar at the bottom of the page was the worst offender. With the main body of text, About Us maybe move up a font size. Finally the Making of our box video launches automatically which is a bit odd. With the amoount of videos on the page making it rather slow downloading maybe consider a photo page with each step of the manufacture explained by text. (If indeed you need to explain the construction). All minor observations. I liked the site and with exception of "readablilty (red text on a black background) it was smooth to navigate, the sign of a well built site. Well done.
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I recently had a customer tell me I needed to modernize my web site to make it more appealing. My web page is
Thank you for any assistance
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Looking forward to your feedback. Thanx in advance.
Federal gov't contractors need to produce these reports annually.
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If anyone can look over, that would be great! TIA!
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Hi I would like some feedback for my site,
Thank you
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Good Morning.

I am requesting feedback for my website. The domain is

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Could I get a honest review of ? Thanks!
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I like your site. I am impressed that your products can be found in so many locations. Your pies must be good. They certainly look appetizing. My advice: add more info to your stores' location addresses; I would add a link to their websites plus a map link and store hours, if available. Susan has excellent advice to Nancy (see below). Study up on SEO and you will gain a lot more traffic.

Also, as you add links to your stores, ask them to list your products on their sites plus a reciprocal link to your site.

I am in northern MN and am going to make a special trip to Cohasset just to buy your pies. (I will follow their suggestion to call first to make sure they are open.)
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Any comments (positive if possible), suggestions to drive people to the site.
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Hi Nancy,
Your site is clean, uncluttered and easy to travel through. The artwork is displayed well, although you may want to use the Mouse Over option or the link option to connect the small images to large ones.
In order to drive people to the site you must first garner the attention of the Search Engines. You might want to bone up on Search Engine Optimization. You don't have to become an expert at SEO nor do you need to spend lots of $$ to pay someone to do it. Just learning some of the basics will help you get your site up to speed.
A few things you can do:
1. All images should have alt text. A short blurb about the image. Search Engines and people who use assistive technology can't see the image so adding a brief description will help.
2. Your on page content should be about what the site offers. The home page in particular needs a bit of help. Use the key words/phrases that you imagine people will search for when looking for artwork.
3. Titles are very important as this is what shows up in the Search offerings. These should all be unique for the specific page and descriptive of what is offered on that page. You again want to use the keywords/phrases your visitors are likely to search for. The name of the page and the title should be different. The page name is what will show up in your navigation. American-Landscapes for example. The title should be a brief explanation of what that page is about. The part that shows up in the search is usually limited to 55-60 characters so you want to be sure that the primary info is in the first part of your entry.
There is more you can do and lots of sites out there that can help guide you to building a search engine friendly site.

Best of luck!
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I would appreciate any feedback on my site. Also would love to receive any tips on how to get my site noticed on the internet.
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Does your website have to be Publishes to get feedback?
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In order for anyone to see it, yes it would need to be published and you would need to post the site address.
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You have a lovely start, but there are some things that you might consider to make the site more professional in appearance and attractive to the Search Engines and visitors.

Rather than an Enter page you really need to have a Home page that contains a navigation to all the internal pages. Enter pages can be detrimental in your placement in searches and visitors just expect to have that navigation when they land on a page, any page.

Font color - The pink is perhaps a bit much. You might try going with a dark gray or the black you use on some pages.

Consider making your galleries static rather than scrolling. Having multiple galleries all scrolling can be distracting.

Your boudoir pages need to have the main navigation on them.

Suggest you not stretch your header image out so far.

Just some things to think about. You'll find web sites are like children though - you're never really done!

Best of luck to you.
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  • 70 Points I seem to be having problems with getting my phone number to go to dialer. Any suggestions would be helpful! Thank you!
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I would like feedback.
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I would like to see if two of my sites could be reviewed. The first site is and the second site is Both sites are quite similar with a slight variation in the content.
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Hi I just redid our website and any feedback would be appreciated! Although mobile view is a mess and I'm hoping they get this fixed very soon since most our potential clients will be looking at our site via their phones or tablets.
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I like the way you've presented the site. It's attractive and easily navigated. The issue I see is that your home page offers no information and that can be a killer for both the search engines and visitors. It's really important to have some content, at least 250 words, on the Home page. The content you have on the Service page would be a good start for the Home page with some additional content added. Having your contact info, address and phone, available on that page is also important.
It's a shame that the mobile version isn't rendering correctly. I've built a couple sites with the new builder and haven't experienced this problem. Did you build it within the dotted lines on the editor? If you stray beyond those lines it can cause issues on the mobile version.
Best of luck to you.
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Thank you for your feedback! One reason I didnt put much on our home page was because when i was looking at other websites for ideas, one thing i noticed was that they would have so much information on their home page, it seemed cluttered and then made me wonder why they even had other pages to click on. As far as i know google isnt having any trouble, i made sure i had all my keywords and title tags and alt tags in every page. After another phone call today, i have fixed mobile view to good enough lol
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Hi! I sure would like some feedback on our site. Really need help with the SEO but can't afford an additional $200+ per month. Thank You!
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I like your site. I would say create a "media" page. Here you can add all your pics and videos. Also,  showcase the local news video. This is a major marketing point for your company. Hope this helps
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i would enjoy having reviews on my site. please keep in mind we do not sell off our site, it's just a spot where potential clients, we sell directly to, can go to see what we are about. Nobody googles someone doing $100,000+ jobs, so we don't care about seo. I would just like to know if it makes sense, i guess.
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I looked at your site and I think the info meets your goals above.  The one thing I would focus on is making it easier to read.  On most sites that use dark backgrounds it makes it very hard to read.  Also make sure your wording aligns correctly.  Here is small site that I built that doesn't sell most of it's products from the site.   I did this for a friend.  Also keep in mind that another reason for keeping your background light is that about 80% of all searches are done on a mobile device.  A lighter or white background make that easier.  Just suggestions.  I bar far don't call myself an expert.  Good luck!
St. Louis
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I would like the Homestead community to review my website. Imagine that you are in the market to buy a good used grand piano. Please tell me the positives that you found helpful and the negatives concerning both the things I have included and the things I have not included. You will find us at:
Thank you,
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