Can I secure my Homestead Website with HTTPS?

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For SITEBUILDER PLUS ONLY. Do not use if you have Website Builder.

If you have a Simplestore using Sitebuilder Plus, DO NOT PROCEED WITH THIS PROCEDURE.
For more information please read this topic

Important: When we update the nameservers, it is possible to see some interruption with the website and email as the settings propagate. This is to be expected, but if it has been more than 24 hours, please contact support and we can assist.

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This topic addresses displaying a "secure" rating in the address bar. Currently your site shows an information icon to the left of your URL. If you click it, the message will say the site is not secure.

If you have a contact form this is important. As soon as you begin filling in a field in the form, the browser will display a more obvious message in the address bar.

To secure your site you will need to update your nameservers using Cloudflare. Below are detailed instructions on correctly configuring this so your website will be secure and your customers will feel more confident providing you their contact information.

1) Go to and click on the sign up link.

2) Please enter your email address and password you wish to use for your Cloudflare account. If possible, please do not use an email address connected to your domain.
We strongly recommend you read the term and conditions. To continue you must agree to the terms and conditions by checking the box. If you agree, click on create account.

3) Enter your domain name and click on Add site

4) When the scan is complete, click next.

5) Select the FREE plan and click Confirm Plan.

6) Compare the DNS records Cloudflare scanned to your existing DNS records. These can be found in your Homestead account, under Domains > Advanced DNS settings. They should match. If they do, click Continue.

If they don't, you can click on the name or value inside of Cloudflare that is incorrect and edit it. If you need help viewing your current DNS records, please see our topic, How can I view and edit my DNS records using Homestead nameservers.

NOTE: Please make sure to verify that the MX record has been added inside of CloudFlare's DNS settings. If you do not see a record with MX next to it, then we will need to add the MX record.

Click MX in the drop down, then click Name and type @, then Click to configure just right of that box. It will open a new window, please confirm your MX record.
If you are using email with Homestead, for server you will add, and for Priority you can put 10. Click save, then click Add Record.

7) Cloudflare will now provide you the new nameservers for your domain. If you do not see your nameservers, proceed to the DNS page inside of Cloudflare, and scroll down until you see Cloudflare Nameservers.

Important: When we update the nameservers, it is possible to see some interruption with the website and email as the settings propogate. This is to be expected, but if it has been more than 24 hours, please contact support and we can assist.

8) Log into your Homestead account and click the domains tab on the left. Under the domain you are working on, click Edit your nameservers. You will need to click delete next to and then change the other 2 nameservers to the ones provided by Cloudflare. You can't change and delete in the same step, so you will need to click edit twice. Click Submit

9) Return to Cloudflare and click Continue.

10) The first part is now completed. Now, please review the Domain Summary and confirm that the SSL shows Flexible. If it does not, click the SSL option, and select Flexible.
(Note: you can also click SSL/TLS at the top, then select Flexible with the drop-down menu on the right. This should save automatically after you select Flexible)

11) Over the next 24 hours, try manually typing in your site with https. If it isn't set up yet, you'll get an error page. Just type  and when you see your site load with HTTPS, please proceed to the next step.

NOTE: Do not proceed to the next step until you can view your website when using HTTPS ( When you see your site load with HTTPS, continue to step #12.

12) Click on the SSL/TLS button at the top.

13) In the top section you should now see the status as Active Certificate. On the right side of that section, make sure it shows flexible. You now need to tell all http requests to forward to https. Scroll to the middle of this long page and look for the section entitled "Always use HTTPS" Turn it on. Also scroll to the bottom and find "Automatic HTTPS Rewrites" Turn it on

In a few minutes, your site will show secure.

If your site is not showing fully secure, please go republish your site.

Note: This solution is for Sitebuilder Plus sites only.
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