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Reports of customer websites not loading 10/18/2018
8:05 MST AM: The issue has been identified, and resolved. We will continue to monitor for any additonal reports. We thank you for your pa...
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Your Website is Just the Beginning of Your Digital Presence
Hold on a second.  What does that mean?  You’re probably saying to yourself, “I just built a website.  What else do I need?” Your digi...
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What can I do to improve my search engine rankings?
Search Engine Optimization is a complex and time consuming process. It is also fluid. The search engines are constantly tuning their sy...
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Are Carousels Bad for SEO?
Carousels, or image sliders, are a feature of many business websites. Often they appear on the homepage occupying a significant amou...
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Just my opinion
I took some time today to go through the various templates offered in the new websitebuilder and was bothered enough that I felt the need...
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Hide page from being indexed
Can anyone tell me how to keep just one page of my site from appearing in search engines? The page is for internal use only and I don't w...
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50+ Key Points for Your Homestead Website
Thanks for viewing this message. I thought it might be helpful to have a list of things to consider as we build our Homestead websites. S...
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How important are Alt tags, and how do I add them to my site?
Matt Cutts from Google does a good job of explaining what Alt tags do and why they are important? Also, SiteBuilder makes it very easy t...
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