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Thu, Jul 27, 2017 7:47 AM


Why can't I view the design template both on desktop and mobile phone?

I have just created a new website from one of your design templates in Websitebuilder. It shows up really well on my laptop but is all over the place on my mobile phone. I have made countless websites with Homestead and can see them all well both on desktop and mobile phone without any adjustment.
The top photo is on the mobile phone.
The bottom one is on my laptop (this is how it should look).
 Why offer me a template that I have to choose between desktop or mobile phone? Why can't I have a design template that addresses both? Just like Sitebuilder Plus (I think this is the old one)? Who of your customers uses Website Builder? And why when it can't be viewed on different devices?
What can I do now? I spent three days creating a website that no-one can view on a mobile phone?

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