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Thu, Nov 17, 2016 8:54 PM

WebsiteBuilder: Drop Down Menus

  1.  Click on the Pages button.

  2.  You will see the list of your pages.  You'll notice that all the pages are in a column. This means those pages are the top level menu items. If you want one to be a submenu, then click and hold the left mouse button on the page and drag it to the menu item that will be its "parent". You will need to drag the page a little to the right as well. Let go of the mouse button. It should now be slightly indented from the others.

  3.   If you preview, you can hover your mouse over the parent page and see the sub-pages in the drop down.

    To edit the drop down settings:

  4.  Click on the Navigation Menu > More > Advanced > Drop Down Settings.

  5. Set your options and click Apply at the top


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4 months ago

Is there any way to "force" the drop down menus to drop "up", without having to put near the footer?
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Hello Hal, 

I apologize, there is not an option to decide which way to have the menu expand. It will drop down unless it is reaching the end of the sites length then it will expand the opposite way, as you have seen.