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Tue, Mar 14, 2017 2:45 AM


Using the Blog and feedback on the new web editor

I'm a physician that makes websites for my physician friends. I have six business websites. I made my most recent website on Wordpress because of the lack of drop down menus. I just finished rebuilding that Wordpress site with the new Homestead editor. I even transferred the blog. I was noticing that I can't find a way for patients to follow the blog and get email announcements when a new post is made. Is that possible?

Right now, I am waiting for the engineers to fix the lack of formatting when the new pages are  viewed on Windows. The pages are beautiful on Mac in both Safari and Chrome. On IE and Chrome on Windows, all of the fonts are wrong which misaligns the content, the social media widgets are messed up, and some of the template images are missing. The image library is sparse compared to the one in the past. Another serious issue with the new Homestead editor is that the new pages viewed on iPhone are ugly with text and images cut off in the oddest places. I'm trying to clean up the mobile site using the mobile section of the editor, but it is difficult. It's frustrating that elements cannot be added and can only be taken away.

Once these issues are fixed, I hope to transfer the domain from Wordpress to Homestead. Overall, I like the new web editor very much. Wordpress templates in comparison are frustratingly restrictive.

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