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Wed, Mar 13, 2019 11:19 AM


Turn master page section 'Header/Elements' off for certain pages.

Hi there, I'm a little stuck whilst on with creating my new site.

I have my Header on all pages which has Master Elements Incorporated, and this is fine for the majority of my site.

Problem is my plan was to create a landing page as such for my index which will be different in layout and appearance from the main site. This landing page is to have a large photo in the background with alternative colored logos from the main site. Further down on my landing page I will have a few images explaining our services which once clicked will take you into the main site if you will. 

Is there any way to turn my header and master elements off for my proposed landing page? My only idea so far to get around this is to do away with the Header section and master elements. This would mean I would have to create my own Header manually on each page with just a regular section instead of Header section. 

Hope my question makes sense, thanks in advance  

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