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Wed, Mar 13, 2019 7:52 PM

Table Borders Not Showing on Far Right Side

Editing my site ... fairwoodwest.org ... using Homestead's WebsiteBuilder.  Created a table outside of Homestead and embedded the HTML for the Meeting Minutes page, so I could hyperlink each month's completed Meeting Minutes files.  The table was perfect prior to embedding the HTML, but now the entire right side of the table has no border, even though it has such a border in the original table. 

Can you please help me understand why WebsiteBuilder took the right border off?  And, more importantly, how I get that right table border to stay put?  I though at first it was an outside-of-the-margins issue.  But no matter how small I make the table, the same issue occurs ... no border on the right side of the table.  Help, please!

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