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Fri, Jul 28, 2017 7:39 PM


Robots.txt File and Three Other Questions for the Smart Folks

I would like to access and edit my robots.txt file. Anyone have instructions for this? I can't seem to find the file under "Manage - Advanced" in the site editor, however I know there is one as I have read the robots.txt file (as well as my sitemap.xml file via Google Search Console service.

Question 2: my Google Search Console finds several old (non-existent) .html files in their crawl that are causing 404 errors. Don't know where they are coming from. Can anyone give me instructions as to how to access them and delete them? Maybe there's an ancient partial site map floating in cyber space?

Third, none of my site's product images are showing up in Google Images. All my images have descriptive ALT tags and descriptive names and, of course, are included on their coinciding pages. Is this something new with Google? With previous web service, I always had most of my images included in Google Images and that was a good source of traffic (picture = 1000 words).

And last question for the day, speaking of my image ALT tags: why are the image tags not showing for a short second or two when my site visitor's cursor rests on them. Is there a toggle somewhere for this?

Mary =

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