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Sun, Jan 14, 2018 8:16 PM


Repeating "Error: Oops something went wrong." with galleries/images

When I'm attempt to change the style in a gallery to make the background color transparent I get a pop up that says "Error: Oops something went wrong."

I click on the gallery I want to mess with, click Advance, go to Style and it automatically has the gallery tab open. In this case the background says it's transparent but it's not (it's a pale green I can see when the page loads) so I try Image tab in Style and it comes up with no options to change. So I try to just go back to the page and the pop up screen shows up with the "Error: Oops" thing. From that point on the error pop up keeps coming up with everything I try to do until I go click Account Home, log out of Homestead, close my browser and go back
in again. But as soon I try to make that gallery change it all happens over again...

I'd go ahead and delete the gallery and make a new one if I knew what the problem was in the first place so I don't make it again, if that's what happening. I'd like to make sure I'm not inadvertently creating the problem. FYI: This has happened with a few galleries and images. Not just this one.

Here are some screen shots of what's going on:

Above: background says it's transparent but it's not.

Try Image (instead of gallery) to make background of the individual images transparent and it shows no options to change.

Error pops up and left menu is gone... ?? After this the error pop up just keeps going with everything I do until I close my browser.

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