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Mon, Sep 10, 2018 4:19 PM


Problem with my New Site

Hey There. I am on the new website builder and am having an issue with my payment buttons. I use a third party, sendowl, to handle digital distribution of my audio recordings. I have been using them with no problem for the past 2 years integrated into sitebuilder. Each "add to cart" button has html code attached. 
On site builder when my customers bought something, the "add to cart" button would give them a nice little pop-up window, superimposed over my pages. Through website builder, however, the "add to cart" buttons are taking them off my site into a new page entirely.
It's not workable as people often purchase more than one item and this makes it confusing my for customers. Confusion on their end means less sales for me.
I spoke with sendowl today and the response I got was, "It looks as though something has changed at homestead's end that is stopping our JavaScript from running correctly, which as a result means your customers are being taken away from your site (instead of shown a nice popup)."
Can you guys please look into this? It's a pretty big deal, and if I can not get it resolved here, I'll need to move my site elsewhere or change my digital distribution services, either would require a lot of time and effort. I just spent the better part of 2 weeks rebuilding my site on the new platform due to the "secure/unsecure site issues", so the idea of having to now tackle another potential rebuild or having to upload all of my content to another digital distribution service is making me a bit cranky.

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