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Mon, Jan 20, 2020 7:34 PM


PayPal receipts from WebsiteBuilder sites no longer contain any transaction data

The receipts from PayPal for a customer contain all the customer data, but the item sold only says "Order #xxxxx" and has the total.

The amounts are correct, but it is not line items - LIKE IT USED TO BE with the older store models.

Either fix Quickbooks integration or PayPal integration, but otherwise I will need to close out my account and migrate to a better platform that is at least slightly modern. The amount of code I have to do to pull out a single sales receipt on Zapier is outrageous - I'm at 13 subroutines just to get the date, email, shipping address, customer name, billing address, payment method, transaction date/time, and I haven't even got to the line items for the actual transaction yet. And even if I made it work myself, it wouldn't be smart enough code to handle overseas addresses, so I know I'm just putting a bandaid on a severed limb.

Please fix this. The new WebsiteBuilder sites are beautiful, but the ecommerce engine on the back end are hot garbage when it comes to external integrations. Shippo? Seriously?

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