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Sat, May 13, 2017 3:04 PM


I'm getting really sick & tired of not being able to login to sitebuilder!

This completely reminds me of what we went thru with homestead a couple of years ago during the month of december. That time it went on for well over a month. We lost that year's entire christmas sales revenue---and lost customers---before things got back to normal sometime in january. This time i started having a problem over a week ago.I have a large site with alot of pages and images. When i call in about this i'm told that this is ENTIRELY my fault bacause of the large size of my site. I know i'm not a rocket surgeon or a brain scientist (see, i can't even get that right!) but my question is this: If this is brought on because of my site being so large, then how is it that i am EVER able to login to sitebuilder? I was able to login yesterday, but now again today i'm back to not being able to again. 

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