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Mon, Nov 6, 2017 7:26 AM


I want more in depth tutorials

It's really to the point where I can't get my head around all the little things that the new builder does. I mean there are things I want to fix and I can't find a solution. Since I picked a template, I changed some things (Text color and size and the like) but it reverts to the templates color and text size when I add a new element and I would love to change the default permanently but I don't know how. I wanted to add a blog but I found problems with that as well, I added an image and have no idea how to adjust it after I've uploaded it or how to change the text size on the blog. Anyway, all these things are a bit of a wall, one I see other builders handling by having a vast library of in-depth tutorials. This is really needed cause coming here every time I have a question or don't know how to do something is time consuming and it takes time to get a reply.

We are past the point were any of this is OK anymore. I was cool with it when you first launched this new builder but now, this is not acceptable anymore.We need both basic and in-depth tutorials and plenty of them and we need then now... Please, don't make me have to find a new builder, I would really rather not leave.

Oh and put the tutorial links RIGHT in the builder, so I can click it and have it open a new window, so I can learn what I need to do and implement. Now, when I click the help center (Which is not all that helpful anyway) it takes me OUT of the builder, WHERE is the logic in that??? I want to be able to read what I need to do and do it, not have to reload the builder. It's really not intuitive at all...

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