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Thu, May 3, 2018 3:37 PM


How do I get rid of all the menus in builder so I can see my website to build it?

So I'm not very happy with the new builder.  It is NOT easy to use.  Yes, it has more options and can create a better end result, but to get to that end result is difficult.  First, that big white menu on the left that you can pick what you want to add that starts with "Elements, Pages.." is in my way.  I can't see the whole page and a lot of times when I want to change something like font or something, that menu is behind the menu on the left, and I have to scroll over to see the rest of my menu to change the font.  Then you click on something to change it and you get another big white pop-up menu that stays there until you click the X to get rid of it.  You would think if you click somewhere else, it would go away, but it doesn't.  Hard to tell if something is in the middle of the page because that left big white menu is in the way and have to scroll from left to right to see my whole page. 

I also can't get over how many steps I have to take to add text.  I must be doing it wrong.  I click Elements in that annoying white box, then text, and then paragraph.  Is there a shorter, more sensible way to do it I don't know about?

AND I went to look at my website today and see my font is messed up and wrong size.  I go into builder to find out what's wrong, and looks like my Loved by the King font now looks completely different and different size than what it was before.  How does that happen?  threw everything off.  I had to change font and size on everything.  Not happy.

Thanks for the help!


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