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Sun, Jan 14, 2018 8:05 PM


How do I get internal links to work?

I was originally told by Technical Support to create the mobile version of my existing Homestead desktop website by adding/editing elements in the desktop mode.  I thought internal links worked, but now they don't in Preview. 

Perhaps website links only work if "Attach Link" for "Website Page" is never checked to open in a "New Tab".  Sounds crazy to provide an option to destroy links.  But is that what happens?

I recall now that the links worked before I went to Open in a New Tab.  The problem remains that otherwise there is no "BACK" command I'm aware of for return to my Home/Index Page, where all the links are.  That "BACK" command is an absolute necessity for any website.

Seems the Website Links now fail regardless of what choice I make, having or not having them open in a "New Tab".

I simply should not receive these absurd error messages for opening links in a New Tab: 

"Oops, it looks as if an invalid Homestead URL was entered." and "Oops! This link appears to be broken."

I'm wrecked.    Something is badly wrong, either with "Preview" or else with Website Builder.

Has to be a solution, but what is it?. 

I need help.


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