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Wed, Sep 21, 2022 9:31 PM

How do I create a website with a domain I already own through Homestead?

Clicking "Add a New Website" only gives me the option to create a URL with .homestead.cloud.com at the end (as pictured below)

How do I create a website with a domain that I already own through Homestead? I tried typing in the domain name here but it of course only created a website at mydomainname.homesteadcloud.com when I want it to be mydomainname.com. 

I also tried clicking Rename, then hitting the blue link "Use a domain you already own" but this just links me to the Domain section. When I try typing in my URL under Use a Domain You Already Own under the Domain Section, I just get this error message. 

Under the Domains section (Manage Your Website Domains), I don't see any options to create a website with the domain name I have. Just editing the routing options for the domain settings.


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2 months ago


You will always have to create a temporary ".homesteadcloud.com" site name, which is a placeholder until you associate a domain to it. 
Please use these instructions to associate your domain to the site:

‎Account: Change Site Association | Homestead Community