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Thu, May 25, 2017 5:22 PM


How do I create a link to another spot on the same page?

If you have a large amount of content on a single page and the sections menu just isn't right for what you want, you are able to create links to specific spots on a page, you can do this by using a behavior.

1) Add the content to you page. It will help some if you create headers and then a paragraph below the header. In this example 1st topic and 2nd topic are "header 3" elements and the content below them are paragraph elements. The use of the header element can also help your SEO by telling search engines that the 1st topic and 2nd topic are a brief description of the paragraph to follow.

2) You can have as many "topics" as you like with subsequent paragraphs going down the length of the page, but you do need space at the top of the page to place elements to link to each desired section. In my example I am going to link to the "header 3" elements, and will be using Text buttons. You will see the 2 button named as desired.

3) Select one of the buttons and click Settings.

4) Leave the combo box set to DIV and click Add Behavior

5) Select Scroll To Element

6) Select Other Element

7) Scroll to the desired element, in this case 1st topic, and click it, then Apply in the top right.

8) Select the scroll time and trigger. Note that these can be edited at any time so you can find what you like.

9) Repeat these steps for each link you desire and publish.

Note: You may also add elements at the bottom of each section and name it "Back to top" or similar, and link it to an element at the top of the page.

Pro Tip: It will make it more difficult to keep track of when editing, but if for some reason you are not able to link to an element like the "header 3" and want to just go to a specific spot in the middle of a paragraph, then you can add a text box to the side of the content in the position desired and delete the default content and make the element very small. You can then link to that element. Since the empty text box is essentially invisible on the page, you do need to remember exactly where you placed it, or you could lose track

Special thanks to user Martin(mpalmi27) for finding this ability.

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