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Sun, Jan 26, 2020 6:55 PM


E-commerce images missing and can no longer upload.

So, when going into websitebuilder - and this has been tested on Edge, Chrome and IE (problem is actually worse on IE; the store management won't even load after I click the "Manage Store and Product" button, but that's okay because I don't use IE other than to test), and trying to add an image to a product in the ecommerce engine, it hangs forever. Doesn't matter if I try to add it as a link or as an upload. It just hangs with the "upload" circle going forever.

Additionally, all "my images" are missing. There's zero in there. So when I click on an existing product, I can't even modify my existing product images.

This is yet another unacceptable bug. Paypal integration degraded in quality (and yes, I know you're working on it, but it's been over a week with no updates or timelines), Quickbooks integration disappeared, now my online store is basically frozen in time - I can't add a product with an image or change any existing products. Other features I would expect to be standard don't exist - I can't exempt existing discounted products from site-wide discounts or target specific product categories with discount codes... Basically, why am I paying $400+ and having the quality of service actually go down?

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