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Thu, Oct 11, 2018 7:50 PM


Do I Add Punctuation?

I am writing my page titles and descriptions and I was wondering how best to use punctuation.  I am a language and punctuation freak but I am not sure how punctuation is going to affect keyword searches and results? 
...For instance, if I want to say "Mickey's Clubhouse" birthday cake, should I use the apostrophe or simply write "Mickeys Clubhouse"? ...and even more to the point, should I use "it's the best custom cake" or "its the best custom cake"?  Or "I wasn't going there" vs "I wasnt going there"?
...What about the full-stop after a title, like Mr., Mrs. or Dr. Brown"?  Is it better to write "Dr Brown", Mrs Jones, etc.?  (even etc!) How do spiders and search engines read and interpret punctuation? 

That leads me to one more question... spell-check guided me right along here in the community forum but I don't think we have it in WebsiteBuilder yet?  Why not?  

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