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Wed, Oct 9, 2019 11:10 PM


ADA website compliance

Now that the Supreme Court has verified a lower court ruling on ADA accessibility for websites will Homestead/EIG be offering any guidance on how we can ensure ADA compliance? 

I've done the recommended steps that are available to me through my end of the software but have only been able to achieve 85-90% compliance according to several websites that check for accessibility issues.

From the articles I've read, I've gathered that if you go to your website,turn off your screen so you can't see the website and attempt to navigate or purchase a product but are unable to do so, you're not ADA compliant.

What about 3rd party HTML's? Is the site owner responsible or does it fall on the 3rd party to comply with ADA requirements?

My worry is based around several restaurants, bars and other businesses in my city that were sued over ADA compliance. These are/were small mom and pop operations. Lawyers, in most cases but not all, hired people to go into various places to check for ADA compliance problems. There didn't need to be any complaints they simply picked a street/area/neighborhood. But they had to physically go into the business. With the Court ruling covering websites for businesses and websites that sell products, nobody has to leave their chair to create problems. It just seems to me that a questionable lawyer teaming up with a questionable programmer/spider service could create problems on a massive scale. 

Thank you for any assistance or information.

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