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Thu, Oct 15, 2020 10:49 AM

Refer to LIGHTism Ltd - Online Store Currently issue

Hi Dana,
Re: LIGHTism - refer to LIGHTism Ltd - Online Store Currently issue
Good Morning! 
After spoke with your colleague Matt. yesterday. He said he would fix it for me.
Today, I go through LIGHTism Online Store The Categories when I choose anyone of subject it's still couldn't Turn to / move to another Subject pages.
Today, seem get a bit improvement. But.... still not goes smooth to operate the Categories table bar.
Even my mobile phone still look the same situation. Please kindly prompt FIX it.
No matter I'm using Old version..When I start to Online store during Aug 2020 
At that period the Categories table bar it's obvious showing very stable and pretty agility Turn to another Subject pages.
Besides that, I guess that your colleague Matt /other technical Teams shut down those Online Store items of images! 
So, I can not zoom in View the largest images? Why? I didn't requested for that.
I was mentioned with you and your Technical Representative about this issue: 
I hope that when the customers click those items of images DO NOT showing it should be show That's it!
Please kindly seriously solve out of all these matter and discuss with your all Technical Representative fix it. 
Thanks & best regards,
Ms.Carmen Lo 
LIGHTism Ltd 
lighting + flooring + furniture 
503, 5/F Tower 2 Lippo Centre 
89 Queensway Admiralty Hong Kong 
tel: (852) 2258 6331 
fax: (852) 2840 0697
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