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Sun, Sep 6, 2020 8:06 PM

How to publish an edit to my web site?

I made a small but important edit to my web site www.internetassets.com.


When I click "publish", there is a pop up that says I need to disable pop ups in Safari.  I did so.  But it still repeats this when I try to publish.


What do I do next?


Mike Eckhart






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8 m ago

Ignore the pop up message and proceed to publish.

You may want to secure your website: Follow the instructions in the this article to secure your Sitebuilder plus site, https://community.homestead.com/homestead/topics/can-i-secure-my-homestead-website-with-https.

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8 m ago


The pop up is most likely to view the published changes. If you disabled the pop-up blocker you can use this, otherwise, just visit the domain after publishing to see the updates.