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Tue, Mar 2, 2021 7:41 PM

How to find products on homestead store?

I have recently added 3000+ products to our headlight selector on our homestead store (March 1, 2021) I have been putting this off knowing the homestead platform does not have a search bar. I have 10,000+ more to add today for individual fittings and suspension components and another 20,000 products for stainless steel bolts and hardware. 

I am just curious as to how I am to expect a customer to navigate that nightmare? To my knowledge homestead does not offer a simple search bar?

Should I and every other homestead customer have to pay an outside company for something so basic when we are already paying for a store or page?

I would also like to know if there are plans to change how a product is categorized?

Currently you have to go back, change and add a category to each product one at a time.  To make matters worse, each of the uncategorized products is not displayed to the customer. 

Is there a way to download the current store items? as this would make it easier to remove and add products or change text on several  current items/prices or check and confirm annual inventory all at once and then re upload. The Product template is also missing some information that is required on the store.  This would be nice if we could have an accurate template for ALL the features available.

Your system only allows for 3 levels of categorization rendering it useless for something as simple as a Brand, Year, Make, Model, Type of Item, and finally Product.

I will leave a more in-depth  list of the recommendations I would need to ensure satisfaction. I encourage others to do the same in hopes that someone will actually do something about it.

The rest of my concerns can specific to my circumstances, However! I don't think asking for a search bar to be a priority is beyond reason.

I could pay someone for this additional service, but then why would I not just pay them to build the website and not use homestead at all?

#1 Page/ Store/ Product search bar is a MUST!

#2. (Please call for pricing) option is a must. American shipping is great; Canada is a different price for every separate postal code.

2 blocks difference could be the difference between losing money and making money on a sale. That’s why we have to quote each item individually.

#3. Turn ON/Off Price display or please call for current pricing in the store products.

Nothing looks tackier than 0.00 in 20+ items. I might know the prices but it may have to be converted due to exchange rates or altered due to exchange values shipping etc.

Please remove the must have a pricing selection before you can auto upload, I know it is for the sellers own good to have that information available but some times you just need to have a product visible to bring in interest prior to having a price listed that scares people off.

Metal Art is art, it's not priced the same as scrap yard steel, even though certain artists work often look similar.

#4 Product "Download" Spreadsheets to track inventory and maintain the online

store would be very helpful and likely reduce the chances of customers moving to a

Different store service provider amidst your fears of losing a client by doing this.

#5 Categories Section needs to go 1 level further minimum to accommodate a year,

Make, model, product, and selection.

Level 1 , Level 2, Level 3, Level 4, Level 5, Level 6, Level 7 Level 8 Level 9

Brand of Vehicle, Year, Model, Series, System, Brand of component, Component, Color, Size, Also Fits


Chevrolet, 1996, Pickup, Extended Cab, Body, Level of Quality or Brand, Part
Chevrolet, 1953, Corvette, Anniversary Edition or Regular edition, Brake System, Disc or Drum, Front or Rear, Low/ Med/ High Quality Part/Product
Ford, 2021, Mustang, Engine 5.0, Suspension & Chassis, Shocks
GMC, Pickup, 1954, Window/ Glass, Windshield, 1 or 2 piece, Tinted/ Grey/ Clear.

7 Levels minimum are suggested instead of the current 3 category levels.

I would suggest making the categories go to 9, or 10 levels to prevent

a customer ever having to request this change in the future again.

#6 Only products in Master categories are able to be displayed on pages from the store. All levels

should be able to be selected to showcase featured products instead of a chaotic

mess that is currently the (Best and only) option.

#7. To further touch on #4 the Products have to be in Level 1 to be displayed to

viewer on a page.

Levels 2 and 3 are currently unable to be displayed on home or alternative pages.

The page editor currently has to utilize extra redundant categories that are displayed to the customer to showcase a product of choice to be displayed on a page of choice other than the store.

This adds several other category selections to the store categories that already look like a disorganized mess. Simply put it is confusing and redundant to the viewer that is already trying to search for products without a search bar.

(This search bar feature is enough of a reason that I would, and have tried to take my site to a different builder already. Thankfully there was enough issues with their builder that I made the choice to stay with Homestead. (It took 4 hours to move a logo to exactly what I currently have within second on homestead .” While trying to learn HTML to alter a page on Big Commerce).

#7. After trying Big Commerce, The 24h customer service was an extremely nice feature, maybe something that could be looked into in the future.

I would certainly appreciate the 24hour service option in the future, as most of us are ordering and picking up materials or working through the day and not able to work on a web site until later in the evening.

I would suggest maybe a late shift or on call or call back service after 5pm with 2 or 3 techs available. That would be a huge help for many. 

If these simple items were addressed or at least reconized with an estimated timeline for the  updates, I would be more than happy to stay a homestead customer as I do enjoy working with the homestead tech team.

Thanks for reading my suggestions, I encourage others to share their feedback and requests as well so that we can have the quality services we are currently paying for that are available on many other builders for the same price. 

If you know of drag and drop services or builders that are at a similar price point I encourage you to share those as well, maybe it will light a fire where it needs to be lit, to get these services expedited.

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Thank you for taking the time to share this valued feedback.  I do understand how the search bar and additional levels of categorizing can be beneficial and will certainly send this feedback to the appropriate team. However, unfortunately, some of the features mentioned can only be obtained using a more advanced e-commerce platform. Big Commerce would be a recommendation for the more advanced management of your store. By using the drag and drop builder functions our store is more of a basic easy to use system meant to be easily navigated. I cannot guarantee the implementation of any of these requests or suggestions or provide an ETA as to when or if it s decided to add these. Nevertheless, I will definitely relay the information. 

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So what you are saying is I should not recommend homestead to others in the future because you cannot provide very simple basic services that your more than happy to charge for?

Or are you stating that you cannot or are unwilling implement your own updates to these systems because they are outside your capabilities as an organization?

Who is the developer of your program? I can pass the information along to the people that sell services to the smaller guys, I just have to know the name of the company to contact.

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I am saying that I understand and do see how some of these requests can be beneficial and will send this feedback to the appropriate team. Unfortunately, it is not at my discretion about what is added or changed in the platform or when these are implemented but we do strive to make appropriately fitting improvements if and when we can. Again, I will definitely send this feedback to the team but cannot guarantee any immediate changes.