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Sat, Apr 10, 2021 5:33 PM

Has and or can Homestead add an option for Homestead members to use Word Press?


  • I was wondering if there is a way for Homestead to add a link to Word Press? 
  • How do I publish changes I make to my website created with Word Press?
  • Is there any discussion with in Homestead to upgrade the website designing tools you currently have to include website designing tools offered by (Word Press)?  I was forced to look outside of Homestead because the tools provided need to be upgraded and the website designing services are in my opinion expensive. I definantely did not want to use other services. I think there are many loyal Homestead clients who are hoping for tools that will allow us to add more functionality and design tools that Word Press offers. Love Ya Homestead. Ann Marie


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The domain can be pointed to WordPress or you can create a link on your Homestead site to direct to a WordPress site.

Any changes or updates made to a WordPress site will need to be published from WordPress' end. Homestead does not offer any WordPress support or tools to use WordPress with the Homestead account.