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Wed, Aug 19, 2020 8:50 PM

google maps

I am listing all our locations on a google map on my website.  I am able to enter the address and the pin comes up, however I would like it to show the name of the location as well..   For example, it shows 359 Central Ave North Caldwell, NJ but would like to to show Notre Dame Church 359 Central Ave North Caldwell, NJ.   How do I do this?  Thank you


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9 m ago


With the default map element in the builder, the address will appear when the pin is hovered over with a mouse but unfortunately there is not a way to add additional information to the address. Although this cannot be done using the builder element, you can achieve this using an embedded HTML from google maps. Search the address with the title "Notre Dame Church 359 Central Ave North Caldwell" and use the share feature to copy the HTML code. Then add this code to an HTML box in the builder.