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Mon, May 6, 2019 4:18 PM

Website view issue

I hope I can adequately explain this question.   When on other sites, I realize changing the window size/view shrinks the entire view, while on my sites, shrinking cuts off the site.  Is there a setting I can select to prevent this from happening? 

To explain it a bit better, if I hover my cursor over the side of my browser window, an arrow appears.  If I click on that arrow, I can reduce my screen size, horizontally.   When I reduce it, the view condenses along with my scrolling action.   However, when I do the same thing on my websites, instead of condensing the view, it simply cuts the view off. 

I really appreciate your help with this and hope I have explained it adequately.  It's definitely one of those situations where it's difficult to explain but easy to show...

Also, this is not on any particular website but is an issue on all of my sites so I'm hoping it may just be a setting I am not seeing/understanding. 

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