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Thu, Jan 1, 2015 5:51 PM


Submit Button Not Working

What is going on with the submit button?  I am having customers place orders online, and I am not receiving the emails to let me know they have submitted an order. 

I have now changed the message they see after they click on the submit button to read, "Your information has been submitted.  If you have not received a confirmation email from us by the next business day, please call us."  This is so unprofessional; however, it is better than missing orders.  I also set my order form information to be sent by email and text.  On the Forms Management page on my account I can now see the orders that have been submitted, but not receiving through email.  This causes me a lot of extra work to have to sign into my account to see who has submitted an order, and unless I sign in and check every few minutes, I cannot stay on top of the orders in a timely manner.

I had this problem three weeks ago, and then one day I started receiving the emails.  Now I am not receiving the emails, and do not know exactly when I stopped receiving them. 

How can we, as business owners, trust Homestead to fix this issue and trust that once fixed it will remain that way?  If we ran our businesses this way, we would lose all our customers!


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