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Tue, Aug 21, 2018 4:47 PM


Glitch In Text Element

On, I was adding links to text titles on a Text Element made list that I typed out.  Each row was its own title and link.  How I made the list was to type one title, press "return", and type the next title, and so on.  Then I would highlight one line (title), click the "link" icon on the select menu, click "Page", select the appropriate page, then select "OK".  Then highlight the next line ans repeat the process, and so on.  Then I woudl publish the page and check it online.  Sometimes the online version would not update (even with a refresh) for several hours, but that is not what I am addressing here.

It took me more than 20 tries and ways to get it to work for one specific line - "King Of The Mountain" (center row on bottom of page).  It kept trying to link to "Insecurity, The Enemy In Me", even though I clearly highlighted only the "King Of The Mountain:" text and instructed it to link to King Of The Mountain and published the changes.  

I tried retyping it.
I tried a line of space between it and the one before and after it.
I tried reloading the editor
I tried rebooting everything
I tried clearing the cache

After two days working on this one problem and over 20 tries of various means, I finally got it to work.  

All the other links in the same box worked fine the first time, and this one was done initially in the same manor as all the others. I don't know what caused the inconsistency, but there is definitely a glitch that does not have the selected text do as instructed sometimes when it comes to linking text to a specific page. 

Considering how many hundreds of links are going to be in this website when it is finished, this issue could cause me major problems later if not fixed.  Please look into it.

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