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Tue, Dec 16, 2014 6:41 PM


Customer Service NOT Serving Customers!

The LAST thing anyone wants to do when they've been battling with an unresponsive website, such as Homestead Sitebuilder, is to have to participate in a telephone survey about how old we are and what kind of vacations we enjoy! We just want to speak to someone about the problem. We're already frustrated and don't give a crap about your promotions! We want to fix the problem - we've likely already invested enough time trying to fix it on our own and calling is a last resort! And Homestead offers no override to this nonsense! You are held hostage to their ridiculous survey. I used to sing the praises of their customer service. No more. I can't believe they have so little regard for their loyal, paying customers that they put off our concerns for this garbage. If you want us to take a stupid prize survey, give us the option to do so afterwards. I'm not even going to go into the even bigger problem that Sitebuilder has not been working the last few days.

I ended up using chat (who said Homestead's working on it), but sometimes it's preferable to talk to a person on the phone. Of course, that's providing you don't have to jump through their hoops to get to someone.

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