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Mon, Jan 7, 2019 3:43 PM


Design tips for 2019

Webdesign guidelines change over time. Some things are popular one year, then it will be bad for your site the next. Here are some things to consider for 2019. It doesn't matter if you are starting a new site or maintaining and older site.

  1. Mobile devices continue to increase in usage. Your site must be mobile friendly. Homestead Websitebuilder does this for you. When designing a site keep a watch on the mobile site editor and preview, so you know how it will look. You want to minimize the amount of images on the page, as they will slow load times and make viewing the site more difficult.

  2. If images are appropriate to your site, that is ok, but use as few as possible and make sure you size the image for your use before you upload it. This can be easily done using any image editing software. Also consider presenting them differently. Maybe crop an image into a circle or add some other effect to make the image stand out.

  3. Think minimal. You want to eliminate anything that isn't essential to that page. This lets the visitor focus on the important part of your page, your content and your call to action.

  4. Geometric shapes can be great for calling attention to things or even edge accents. Like colors, shapes can evoke feelings. Circles are unity, triangles are dynamic, etc...

  5. Behaviors are a great way to catch the users eye. These are small animations attached to an element mouse-over or button click. They will tend to direct users to a point on the page, so use them, but only in some spots. Too much will look busy and distract the visitor.

  6. Be sure to make navigating your site as easy as possible. Make the menu easy to read and find. Make sure the text contrasts well with any colors used.

  7. Take a look at our topic focusing on text as well.

These guidelines should help you to make a great site that is easy to read and attractive to search engines.

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