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Sat, Dec 14, 2013 9:39 PM


Why are my categories not showing all my products?

By default your store is set to display 16 products per page. If you more than 16 products, they will display on more than one page.



Allowing more than 16 products
1.) Login to your store's control panel.
2.) Click on Settings and then Store.


3.) Click on the Display tab.


4.) Here, you can change the number of products that display.
5.) Click Save when you're done.


Setting the visiblity of your products
If some of your products are still not displaying, check to make sure the products are marked as visible within your control panel.

1.) Click on Products and then View Products.


2.) In the far right column, you'll find each product has either a check or x icon.  If there is a green check mark, then the product is visible.


3.) If there is a red X, then the product is invisible, and will not be shown on your store front.


Checking your template files

If all your products are visible, but not showing up on your category page, then you're probably missing the Paging variables from within your template.  Here are some instructions to check for that.

1.) Go to the Design link at the top of your control panel.


2.) Click on the Template Files tab.


3.) Scroll down and find the category.html template file and click on Compare.


4.) This will open up a split screen, with the standard file contents on the left, and your current template file contents on the right. Look at the right side; there should be two variables %%Panel.CategoryPagingTop%% and %%CategoryPagingBottom%%, surrounding the %%Panel.CategoryContent%% variable.  If it is not there, then the navigation elements will not show, and the customer will have no way to look at all the pages withing your category page.


5.) To fix this, copy %%Panel.CategoryPagingTop%% and exit back out to the template file listing.
6.) Click Edit for category.html.


7.) Paste %%Panel.CategoryPagingTop%% above the %%Panel.CategoryContent%% variable. After the latter variable, paste %%CategoryPagingBottom%%, like you see below.


8.) Click Save.



You should now see all your visible products on your category page, up to the number you specified on your Store Settings page.

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