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Sun, Oct 6, 2013 4:47 PM


Where do I customize the order invoice e-mail a customer receives upon ordering?

There is a way to customize the e-mails that the customer receives upon ordering by using our built-in e-mail templates. These template files are used as the basis of messages that are sent to your customers, such as invoices, order status updates, etc.  You can edit these by following the steps below.

1.) Login to your store's Control Panel.
2.) Click on Design.
3.) Click on the E-mails tab.
4.) The invoice e-mail can be edited by clicking Edit for the invoice_email.html file.
5.) This file will have a number of variables in it, and we recommend that you change only what you need to to make sure that the e-mails still function correctly after you customize them. Changing the font, colors, (and content) can all be done through the WYSIWYG editor that you see on your screen. When you are finished editing the e-mail template, click Save.
6.) You may also want to edit the Snippets that are contained in the different e-mails. These can be found in the Snippets folder in the E-mails area.
7.) To preview the e-mail and how it will look to your customers, you will need to complete a test order in your store.

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