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Sun, Oct 6, 2013 4:45 PM


Where can I customize the e-mails that the store sends out?

Main Email Files 1. In your Bigcommerce control panel select Design.


2. Select More and choose Emails.


3. Edit any file by clicking Action, then Edit.


Snippets "Snippets" are smaller files that are used by the main template files to pull universal information - like the footer.

1. Expand the snippets folder by clicking the + button.

2. Edit any file by clicking Action, then Edit.

Which File Controls Which Email
  • createaccount_email.html: Sent out when a customer creates and account.
  • createguestaccount_email.html: Sent when a guest has an account automatically created for them.
  • ebay_ emails: Sent to the store owner pending listings using eBay.
  • email_integration emails: Notices sent to store owner pending customers signing up for the mailing list.
  • general_email.html: Used for a number of purposes in the store - we recommend you do not modify this file.
  • giftcertificate_email.html: Sent to the recipient of a Gift Certificate.
  • invoice_email.html: Sent to the customer when they successfully place an order on their store.
  • low_inventory_email.html: Sent to the store owner to notify of low stock levels.
  • ordermessage_notification.html: Sent to customer's when they have a new order message on their order.
  • order_status_downloads_email.html: Sent to the customer after the purchase of a downloadable product.
  • order_status_email.html: Sent out when an order status is changed
  • out_of_stock_inventory_email.html: Sent to the store owner when a product reaches 0 inventory.
  • page_contact_email.html: Sent to the store owner when a customer fills out the contact form for the website.
  • product_review_email.html: Sent to the customer after a successful purchase requesting the review the items purchased.
  • return_ emails: Sent to customers containing information about their return requests.

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