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Sat, Sep 28, 2013 3:20 PM


What do I need to do to move to Bigcommerce?

• Store data: We will move your products and customers to Bigcommerce for you. When we notify you that your Bigcommerce store is ready, we recommend that you check on a few products to make sure everything is correct.
• Images: We will move images if a product is marked as active. We are trying to move images for products that are inactive or are hidden as a result of no inventory.
• Store design: We can’t move the design from Prostores to Bigcommerce. However, the themes available to Bigcommerce customers are excellent and are also customizable using standard HTML. You’ll need to choose a theme when you start using Bigcommerce. The default them is a 1 column theme with the category list at the top. For those of you with more than 5 main categories, this will look strange when you first log in. Rest assured there are many great themes to choose from that have the category list on the left or right. You can choose one of those, or consolidate you categories to utilize a top menu format.
• Order history: We are working on a way to import your order history into your upgraded store. In the meantime, you will want to export your orders to a spreadsheet so that you have a record of them. It’s always a good practice to have a copy saved on your own computer.
• Taxes and shipping: We can’t move tax and shipping charts. These will have to be manually configured. The Bigcommerce online help center explains all the details.
• Update comparison shopping information: If you are currently using Google Analytics and any comparison shopping, you will need confirm if it is still working. There might be a need to do some additional work, but the Bigcommerce integration and options are far superior.
• Store promotions: We will not be able to move your promotions automatically, but Bigcommerce offers an excellent array of options for promotions.

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