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What are the steps to configure QuickBooks Merchant Services?

Register for a live QBMS account
If you already have a Quickbooks Merchant Services account, skip these steps.

1. Go to the Intuit Partner Platform.

2. Confirm your country in the top-right corner.

The flag icon in the top right of the Intuit partner platform

3. Click Join in the top-right corner. Fill out the form and click Sign Up.

Intuit Partner Platform - Join button and form

Create an app
1. While logged into the Intuit Partner Platform, click on My Apps › Create New App › Payments (QBMS) Apps.

My Apps menu with Payments (QBMS) Apps selected

2. For Application Type, choose Desktop.

3. For Environment, choose Production.

Create New Payment (QBMS) App menu with Application Type and Environment shown

4. Fill out the App Details section as follows:

  • Application Name - QBMS

  • Application Identifier - QBMS

  • Domain - your store's domain,,

5. Click Create App when finished.

App details section filled out

6. On the following screen, take note of the App ID and App Login. You will need these for the following steps. These can later be located under My Apps › Manage My Apps › QBMS.

App Id and App Login

Create a connection ticket
1. Copy the URL below and paste it into your browser's URL bar. Use a separate tab or window, so that you can have all information available for the following steps.
2. Replace %%APP_ID%% in the URL with the App ID from the previous step, then hit Enter.

3. You will be prompted to log into Intuit Merchant Services and confirm your business name.

Note: This information may be different from your Intuit Partner Platform login. If you are unsure of your payments account user ID and password, visit your online service center for sign-in recovery options.

Connection setup complete page containing the connection ticket key

4. If you arrive at a Companies page, click on the payments account for the company you would like to use.

Select your company

5.You will arrive at a Congratulations! page. This page displays your Connection Ticket. Take note of this information for future reference.

Connection TIcket

Complete the setup in Bigcommerce
1. In the Bigcommerce control panel, go to Setup & Tools › Set up your store › Payments.

2. Click on More payment methods.

3. Locate Quick Books Merchant Services. Click on it, then click Save.

Show more payment methods button.

4. Click on the Quick Books Merchant Services tab that now appears at the top of the page.

QBMS tab in Payments

5. Fill out the settings as follows:

  • Display Name - Credit Card or other name that you want your customers to see at checkout

  • Application Login - the App Login on your Manage QBMS Applications in Step 6 above.

  • AppID - the App ID from the Manage QBMS Applications in Step 6 above.

  • Connection Ticket - the connection ticket key from the Intuit Payment Solutions page in step 3 above.

Settings for Quickbook Merchant Services in Bigcommerce

6. Click Save when finished. Your QuickBooks Merchant Services account is all set up.

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