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Sat, Dec 7, 2013 9:10 PM


What are the additional price fields available for a product?

The additional pricing fields allow you to specify more than just the price the customer will pay for the product.

1. Click More Price Options next to the Price text box when adding or editing a product. 702-more-price-fields.png

2. You will now see three additional boxes related to price:

  • Cost Price - The price at which you purchase one unit of this product. If you enter a cost price for a product then you will be able to see statistics relating to profit when viewing product statistics from the Statistics tab.

  • Retail Price - The RRP (MSRP) price for this product. If you enter a retail price then it the price for this product will be displayed on your store in the following format: $99.95 $89.95, where $99.95 is the RRP and $89.95 is the product's price. (You can change RRP to say MSRP by using Design Mode to edit the text.)

  • Sale Price - If you want this product to appear as on sale in your store then enter its sale price here. This price will replace the default product price and the product will be marked as on sale.  You must have a price in "Retail Price" for a crossed-out price to display. You must also make sure that the number in "Price" is greater than the one in "Sale Price."


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