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Fri, Apr 25, 2014 5:00 PM


What are product review emails?

What are product review emails? Product review emails are invitations to your customers to review the product(s) they purchased from you. This email is automatically sent after a certain number of days after the order is marked as Shipped or Completed, and includes links to the product pages of the items they purchased.

Changing the time period for sent emails 1. Go to Setup & Tools › Customise your store › Store Settings.

2. Click on the Miscellaneous tab.

3. Check the box next to Product Review Emails.

4. To change the number of days after the order is set to "Shipped" or "Completed," change the number in the box below.

5. Save.

Customizing the product review email 1. Click on Design.

2. Select the More tab, then Emails.

3. Scroll down to product_review_email.html. Click the Action wheel, then Edit.

4. You will see multiple variables in the e-mail template. Any of these can be changed or removed, but we recommend that you keep %%SNIPPET_ProductReviewItems%% (this will show the products that were ordered) and %%LNG_ProductReviewEmailUnsubscribe%% (this will allow for your customers to unsubscribe from review e-mail reminders).

To change any of the pre-defined text (the %%LNG%% variables), simply replace the variable with the text you wish it to display. If you wish to directly edit how the items are shown, you can go into your Snippets folder (also in the Emails tab), and edit ProductReviewItem.html.

5. Save your changes.

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