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Sat, Dec 14, 2013 10:37 PM


What are configurable fields and how do I create them?

A configurable field allows you to create special fields on a product where your customers can add additional information before they add the product to the cart. These are basically a version of product options, though you do not have the ability to create rules or SKUs based on the information. There are also custom fields available for your products, but are used for displaying extra information about your product, such as an ISBN. For more information on custom fields, please visit this article.

With configurable fields, you can add the following:

1.) Small Textbox - Creates a small textbox where a customer can type something in before they add a product to the cart.
2.) Textbox - Creates a large textbox where a customer can type something in before they add a product to the cart.
    Note: Textboxes are good if you have products that require a engraving message, special messages on a T-Shirt, etc.
3.) File - Creates a form where a customer can upload a file from their computer and attach it to the product before they select "add to cart."
    Note: This is useful for products that require a image to be uploaded, or a special document to be uploaded, etc.
4.) Checkbox - Creates a Checkbox the customer can select. Useful if you want the client to have a "terms of agreement" requirement before they purchase the product.

Creating a Configurable Field
1.) Login to your store's control panel.
2.) Select the Products tab, then select View Products.
3.) Select the Edit link next to the product for which you wish to create the fields.
4.) Select the tab called Custom Fields.
5.) You will see a window similar to the one below:

6.) In the first drop down menu, select the type of configurable field.
6a.) If you select File you will fill out the name of the field, mark the different file types you will allow by typing in the file type name and seperate each type by a comma.
      Example: If I only want to allow jpeg files and gifs, I will type in: jpg,gif
      In the file size field, type in the maximum file size you will allow in KB. We strongly recommend filling this field out.
6b.) If you select one of the other field types, then simply type in the field name.
7.) If you wish to make the field required, make sure to place a check in the checkbox next to Required.
8.) If you wish to add another configurable field, you can select the green button with the "+" symbol to the right.
9.) When you are done, click Save & Exit.

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