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Sun, Apr 27, 2014 6:05 PM


Tax Zones

How to Create a Tax Zone Setting up a Tax Zone is an essential part of getting your store launched. Through this guide you will learn how to set up a Tax Zone based on a State of the United States.

1.) Navigate to Settings -> Tax. tax-zone-settings-taxpng

2.) Select the Tax Rates & Zones tab. tax-zones-tabpng

3.) Select Add a Tax Zone. tax-zone-addpng

4.) Enter a Tax Zone Name. tax-zone-namepng

5.) Select a Zone Type, for this example we will use based on one or more states. tax-zone-typepng

6.) Select the location the tax should be applied to. For this example we will select United States, then Texas tax-zone-areapng

7.) Select specific Customer Groups this tax zone should apply to(optional). taz-zone-applies-topng

8.) Enable the Tax Zone. tax-zone-enablepng

Select Save.

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