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Setting up eBay on Bigcommerce

The Bigcommerce integration with eBay can push products from your store to eBay's listings, and receive order information from eBay for those products. The product information is only pushed one way and does not sync later, so if you want inventory, price, and other product information to sync in real time, you may want to consider using a multichannel-listing app.

Getting your eBay account information

Setting up the integration with eBay involves creating an eBay developer account. This allows you to link eBay with third parties. You then link the developer account to your existing eBay seller account, and put your developer account information into Bigcommerce. This will let Bigcommerce list products on behalf of your eBay seller account.

You will need an eBay seller account before following these steps.

1. Create an eBay developer account through the eBay Developers Program. After filling out the form in the link provided, you will need to confirm the account via email.

2. Log in to your developer account. You should be taken to your My Account page.

The My Account page in the eBay developers program

3. Click Generate Production Keys in the Application Keys menu.

Generate Production Keys button

4. Click Get a User Token in the Tools menu to the lower left. The user token is what links your developer account with your seller account.

Get a User Token button in the Tools menu

5. On the next page, you will be asked to select your environment and enter keys.

  • Select Environment - select Production
  • Keys - select Key Set 1 to autofill your production keys

The production keys and user token

Click Continue to generate token when finished. You may be directed to sign into you selleraccount. Once logged in, you will need to click I agree before you can continue.

The production keys and user token

6. You will be brought to a page containing your production keys and your user token. Click Save Token and keep this page up for the following steps.

The production keys and user token

Linking eBay to Bigcommerce

1. In your Bigcommerce control panel, go to Marketing › Sell on eBay.

2. Enter your eBay keys and user token into the fields provided. Select your country and keep Listing Mode as Production.

The Sell on eBay settings filled out with the eBay keys and user token

3. If you have an eBay store, click Check for eBay store.

Check for eBay store button

4. Save to link Bigcommerce to your eBay accounts. You will see the message Your eBay settings have been saved successfully.

eBay success message

Adding your eBay Store

An eBay Store is a an additional paid subscription service that eBay offers buyers. It allows the owner to create a central location for presenting their products for sale, and lets you create custom categories to arrange your products.

If you have an eBay Store at the time when you configure your eBay settings in your control panel, it will be automatically detected. If you purchase an eBay Stores subscription at a later date, you can click the Check for eBay Store link at the bottom of the settings page to manually check for your store. Your store's name will be displayed instead of this link:

The Check for eBay store button in Bigcommerce

The Check for eBay store button in Bigcommerce

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