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Sat, Nov 30, 2013 4:19 PM


Is there an option to only display a text box if an product option is selected or is there a way to create a rule on a text box?

Our storefront is being converted to Bigcommerce. We sell uniforms and apparel. Our customers are given the option to put a player name or number on the back of a jersey or practice shirt. In the homestead site, the site automatically adds the $2 upcharge when the customer types the player number into a text box. We can't figure out how to do the equivalent in our Bigcommerce site. It appears that rules assigning a upcharge are dependent on giving the customer a checkbox. We have to provide both a check box option and a text box to capture the number. The problem is that the customer can fill in the text box without checking the option and likewise the $2.00 additional charge is not added to the order. How do we fix this under bigcommerce?

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