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Sun, Jun 1, 2014 10:02 PM


Integrating iContact Email Marketing with Bigcommerce

Bigcommerce integrates with the award-winning email marketing software from iContact. iContact makes it easy to create, send and track emails, newsletters, special promotions and auto responders to your Bigcommerce customers.

This article will walk you through the process of creating an iContact account and integrating it with Bigcommerce.

1.) Click here to create an iContact account.
2.) Enter in your name, phone number, username, password, e-mail address, and ReCaptcha verification code. Check the box next to I agree to iContact's Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and then click Sign Up.


2.) You will then need to verify your e-mail address for iContact. Go to your e-mail and click the link in the message to verify your address.


3.) Now you will need to generate the application ID to use with Bigcommerce. Go to
Enter BigCommerce into the Application Name field (exactly as shown below).
4.) Enter in a description for your Application. Including your store's website address is a good idea.
5.) Click Get App ID.


6.) Make sure that API 2.0 radio button is filled, and then click the enable this AppId for your account link.


7.) To allow Bigcommerce access to the iContact information, iContact needs a password. This needs to be different from your account password.
8.) Then, click Save.


9.) Now you have an AppID that you can use with Bigcommerce, so login to your store's control panel.
10.) Then, click on Marketing and then E-mail Marketing.


11.) Check the box next to iContact and click Save.


12.) Click on the iContact tab.


13.) Fill in your username, AppID, and AppID password (not your iContact account password).
14.) Click the Verify API Credentials button.


15.) Now you should see the confirmation that your credentials were verified successfully. You can create rules to place customers in certain lists in your e-mail marketing campaign.
16.) When you're done creating rules, remember to click the Save button.



Common Troubleshooting IssuesAuthentication ErrorVerify your AppID - The App ID is 32 characters. Verify that you have this input correctly and there is not a space before or after the ID as a space will count as a valid character and fail to authenticate.

Verify the AppID Password - Log into your iContact account and make sure to use the password that you used to log in. If you use an autofill for that password you can use the forgot my password link on the iContact login to change that password to make sure you have that to fill in on the Bigcommerce settings.

Verify the User Name - The iContact user name is case sensitive when setting up the integration in the Bigcommerce control panel. When you log into your iContact account it is not required that you input the user name with the correct capitalization so it may not be obvious that you even have capitalization in your user name. If you have verified all information is correct in the iContact settings and gone through the steps above and are still receiving an authentication error then this could be the explanation. To verify if your user name has capitalization please defer to the email that you received when you initially signed up for your iContact account.

The original email should be sent from

If you are unable to locate that original email then you will need to call or send an email to iContact support requesting your user name exactly as it appears on the account including any capitalization for the purpose of syncing with Bigcommerce.

Customers Not Adding to List

An issue can occur if you create a list in iContact, delete that list, then recreate the list using the same name. This creates a new list with the same name, but has a different ID number associated with the list. This will cause an issue in the Bigcommerce - iContact sync. In this circumstance the way to resolve the issue and recreate the sync is as follows:

1.) Click on the Marketing Tab and select Email Marketing.
2.) Choose the iContact Tab.
3.) Delete all list rules that you have created.
4.) Re-create all the list rules.

The above steps are the only way to force the API to regenerate the list IDs to ensure the lists sync correctly.

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