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Sun, Feb 16, 2014 4:03 AM


Image URL's in BigCommerce

Recently I have noticed a change in Image URL's. I found one of my product images in search results not so long ago and the URL was not my domain but BC. Needless to say I was not pleased to see this and thought it was a fluke. (URL Image snippet below) - I also 'pinned' the image and it creates a 'link' to that image page (with BC URL) and has 'Visit' as the website link on the Pinterest Pin.

So I moused over an image in my store and sure enough it shows a BC URL as the URL. I am not certain when this changed but it is certainly is making it very easy for image theft without any real way of tracking it.

On a product page it had been if you right clicked to 'open link in new tab' you would receive a garbage image (snippet below) - my immediate thought was Great! ...making it more difficult for the average person to 'borrow' images.

Today I opened the link in new tab and there was my image with a BC URL for anyone and everyone to 'share' or do whatever (without any association with my company or domain).

Not only am I not willing to advertise for BC, this is now an open door for theft and somehow not having my domain URL attached to that image seems like an infringement on my rights of ownership.

Not good at all - bad enough image theft cannot be fully controlled but this is an open door and a Huge problem.


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