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Sun, Dec 15, 2013 7:50 PM


How do I View Gift Certificates?

View Gift Certificates
Login to your control panel and select Marketing -> View Gift Certificates. view-gc-marketing.png

Viewing Gift Certificate Details
Select the Expand button to the left of any gift certificate. view-gc-expand.png

The Gift Certificate Details will display on the left side including who the Gift Certificate was sent to, who it was sent by, and the message attached to the certificate. view-gc-details.png

The Gift Certificate History will display any history related to the Gift Certificate including which customers used the certificate and the order ID associated with that purchase. view-gc-history.png

Available Data at a Glance
Custom Views: This option can be used to create savable custom views limiting the view by variables including keywords, status, ID, value, remaining balance, date purchased, and expiry date. view-gc-custom-views.png

To create a new Custom View, select Create a new view. view-gc-custom-views-create-new.png

Deleted Selected: Select gift certificates you would like to delete by clicking the checkbox to the left, and then selected the Delete Selected button. view-gc-delete-selected.png

Filter/Search by Keyword: Use this tool to search existing Gift Certificates by Customer, Recipient, or Code. view-gc-search.png

Advanced Search: Use this tool to search by keywords, certificate ID, value, remaining balance, date purchased, and expiry date. view-gc-advanced-search.png

View Count: For store owners who have larger numbers of gift certificates, you can adjust the amount of Gift Certificates shown per page. view-gc-view-count.png

Code: The Gift Certificate Code that a customer must enter in order to redeem the gift certificate on the store front during checkout. view-gc-code.png

Customer Name: The customer's name who purchased the Gift Certificate. Note: This will only appear if the customer has a registered account in your store.view-gc-customer-name.png

Amount: The total amount the Gift Certificate was purchased for. view-gc-amount.png

Balance: The current balance still available on the Gift Certificate. view-gc-balance.png

Date Purchased: The date that the Gift Certificate was purchased in your store. view-gc-date-purchased.png

Status: The current status of the Gift Certificate, either Pending, Active, Disabled, or Expired. view-gc-status.png

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