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How do I set up shipping zones and methods?

Shipping Basics
There are two different shipping method types

  1. Real-time shipping quotes. All real-time shipping quotes retrieve shipping rates in real-time from the shipping companies web site when someone is in the process of buying from your store. For example, if I enable and configure the UPS real-time shipping method then when it comes time for a customer to checkout and buy from my store, he/she will see a list of real-time shipping quotes that are retrieved from UPS based on the weight and physical dimensions of the products they are trying to buy. You may choose to enable multiple real-time shipping providers(e.g. UPS & FedEx) for customers to choose between.

  2. Fixed shipping methods. All fixed shipping methods are priced and configured from the shipping settings page and they do not need to retrieve shipping quotes from third parties.
    Here are the fixed shipping methods available

    • Flat Rate Per Item

    • Ship By Weight

    • Ship By Order Total

    • Flat Rate Per Order

    Getting Started
    In your Bigcommerce Control Panel, select Setup & Tools and click Shipping.






    Shipping Configuration Example
    1. On the lefthand side, Click Edit under Shipping From.


    2. Enter the address from where you are shipping your products from.


    3. Click Add a Country.


    4. From the dropdown menu, select the shipping destination country, then click Save.


    5. Scroll down to Real-time Shipping Quotes. If you are based in teh United States of America, you will see FedEx, UPS Ready and USPS. In this example, we are going to use USPS.


    6. Toggle the On Switch for USPS.

    7. In the Settings tab, enter your display name.


    8. In the Connection tab, fill in all your USPS account details and click Save.


    For help setting up your USPS account, see this guide.

    Shipping Configuration Example
    Shipping Setup Overview Video

    1. In your Bigcommerce Control Panel, select Setup & Tools, then select Shipping.


    2. Enter your Store's Location then click Save.


    3. Select the Shipping Zones tab.


    If you use the default zone, you will be shipping internationally, as this zone is intended apply to any locations for which you haven't created shipping zones. If you do not wish to ship internationally, disable or delete the method(s) for the default zone.

    4. Add a new shipping zone by clicking Add a Shipping Zone.


    5. Enter the Shipping Zone Name, then select This shipping zone is based on one or more countries.

    6. Select the countries to which you want the shipping zone to apply, then select Next.


    8. Click Add a Shipping Method.


    9. Select a method type, then enter a method name. This is what your customers will see during checkout.

    10. Fill out any required information for the method you have selected. In this case, we're adding the USPS shipping method.


    11. Click Save.

    15. Repeat this process for any other locations you wish to ship to including countries, states, provinces, ZIP codes, or Postal codes.

    You may want to watch the tutorial video here.

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