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How do I set up my payment processor?

Here is how to setup your payment gateway complete with a video. Or if you use paypal you may view Guide for PayPal options

In your Bigcommerce store, you will need to configure at least one payment method so that your shoppers can check out. You are able to have as many checkout methods as you like, but you should know of the differences among certain types.

Hosted: customers will leave your store to pay for their items
Examples: First Data Global Gateway Connect, Google Checkout, PayPal Express Checkout

Non-Hosted: customers will stay on your store's checkout to pay
Examples: Stripe, Bigcommerce Payments, Securenet, Authorize.Net, Heartland

Online: customers will enter their credit card information in secure payment forms on the Internet
Examples: Google Checkout, PayLeap, USA ePay

Offline: customers will need to call you to give you their information or send you a wire transfer, cheque, etc.
Examples: Bank Deposit, Cash on Delivery, Cheque

Step-by-Step of Enabling Payment Gateways

1.) Login to your store's control panel.
2.) Click the Settings tab and choose the Payments menu option.

3.) Here you will find setup for Stripe(recommended for store's with revenue less than 100k/year) and PayPal Express Checkout. In addition, you will find More payment methods below.

4.) To enable a checkout method, simply turn the switch to ON, or click its checkbox in the list.

5.) Click the Save button.

6.) You will now see a list of tabs along the top for each checkout method you have selected.

7.) Select the payment method you wish to set up from the tabs, you will now see a list of instructions which will help you create an account and integrate the checkout provider into your store.

8.) Fill out the appropriate information for your payment gateway(s). (Because of the multitude of payment gateways that we offer, the instructions for setting up each one display on the tab for that payment gateway one it has been enabled.)

9.) After you've configured all of your checkout modules, click Save.

* Certain checkout providers allow you to pay for orders from your store in Test Mode. This is a great way to make sure the checkout provider is integrated into your store before allowing customers to buy from you. To test a checkout provider, just follow steps 1-5 and from the checkout provider's settings tab you will see a Test Mode option. Change this to Yes to enable test mode for that checkout provider. Place a few test orders from your store, and when the checkout provider works as expected, change Test Mode back to No or Live to allow customers to buy from you and have their credit cards debited during the checkout process. Please note that any orders you place in test mode for different checkout providers wont actually debit your credit card, although you will see the same success/fail messages as you would if test mode wasn't enabled.

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