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Mon, Dec 2, 2013 12:07 AM


How do I set up a ship by weight shipping method?

Ship by weight tables are an excellent way to have incremental shipping costs dependent on the size of the order.

1. Go to Setup & Tools › Set up your store › Shipping.

2. Click Edit or Set up shipping charges for the country/zone you are setting up shipping for.


3. Toggle On the toggle switch next to the Ship By method.


4. You will see a pop-up labeled Ship by Weight or Order Total Options. Choose your options:

  • Display name - the name of the shipping charge at checkout (e.g. Ship by Weight)
  • Charge shipping - select by weight
  • Default shipping cost - the charge for anything that falls outside of the weight ranges you specify below. Keep this blank if you want orders that fall outside of your specified weight ranges to default to a different shipping method.

5. Fill out the first weight range and its associated cost. If you need additional ranges, click the green plus (+) sign.


6. Continue to fill out your weight table. There are a few things to keep in mind:

  • The lower value is inclusive, and the higher value is exclusive (X ≥ order weight < Y). So "From 1 lb up to 2 lbs" will cover orders that are 1 or 1.999 lbs, but not an order that is 2 lbs.
  • Any item that falls outside the ranges you specify here will be given the default shipping cost listed above. If none is specified, no ship-by-weight cost will display at checkout.
  • To avoid any gaps, when you create a new range, it will autopopulate the end of your last range. These values are editable.
  • Your last range must end in a number. If you need something like "10 lbs and higher is $30," you can enter the second value as an extremely high number (e.g. From 10 lbs up to 1000 lbs is $30). Alternatively, you can leave out this range and set $30 as your default shipping cost.
7. Save to complete the set up. You can always edit it later by clicking the Edit button.

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