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Mon, Dec 2, 2013 12:09 AM


How do I set up a discount rule for free shipping?

In BigCommerce, there are several ways to offer free shipping to your customers. One of these is through a discount rule. Whenever you create a discount rule for free shipping, you also have the option to display a message on select products, informing your customers of this available discount. These qualifications are based on the discount rule(s) applied to the order amount, or products which can be created with your BigCommerce control panel. The eligible free shipping message on selected pages only applies for: "Buy X items get free shipping" and "Free shipping on orders over X$."

1.) Login to your store's control panel.
2.) Click on Marketing and then View Discount Rules.


3.) Click on the button labeled Create a Discount Rule.


4.) Name your discount rule, and then under the section called Order Based Rules, choose one of the two following options:

  • Buy X items get free shipping

  • Free shipping on orders over X$


These are the two discount rules that will enable the Free Shipping Message, and Message location fields. There you can customize the message that your customers will see, and on what pages they will see it.

5.) Once you choose one of the two discount rule types, fill out the appropriate information (by either choosing an item for the first discount type, or an order amount for the latter.)
6.) You can then edit the message that displays on your store that encourages your customers to purchase more items, so they'll qualify for free shipping.

Here are the variables that you can use in that message:

  • Buy X items get free shipping:

  • %%PRODUCT_NAME%% => this is the name of the product

  • %%REMAINING_QUANTITY%% => this is the remaining quantity to be purchase of that product in order to get a free shipping

  • %%TOTAL_QUANTITY%% => this is the total quantity of that product to be purchased in order to get a free shipping

  • %%CART_QUANTITY%% => this is the item quantity in the customer's cart

  • Free shipping on orders over X$:

  • %%REMAINING_AMOUNT%% => This is the remaining amount to be spent in order to get a free shipping

  • %%TOTAL_AMOUNT%% => Total amount to be spent in order to get a free shipping

  • %%CART_AMOUNT%% => This is the amount in customer's cart.

  • 7.) Choose the location on which you want the message to display, and then click Save & Exit.


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